Oct 21 2021

What You Need to Know About the Shiny New Windows 11 Upgrade

Have you seen the new Windows upgrade yet? On Tuesday, October 5, 2021, Microsoft released the latest version of Windows to the public. In this post, we will highlight some of the new features users can expect with the new upgrade. Along with why we recommend waiting to upgrade your device if you are a business.

What is new in Windows 11? 

Microsoft states that “Windows 11 provides a sense of calm and openness. It gives you a place that feels like home. It’s secure and everything is designed to be centered around you.” The new design focuses on making multi-tasking as seamless and easy as possible for users. 

One of the biggest changes users will notice is that the Start menu and Taskbar have been moved to the center of the screen. This is to provide users with quick access to content and useful apps. Microsoft has evolved the news and interests section and has introduced Widgets, which is a new personalized feed powered by AI and the web. When you open your personalized feed you can view your calendar, To-Do list, news, and weather forecast.

The new Windows includes a feature built for multi-taskers called Snap Layouts and Groups and Desktops. These features are meant to simplify the flow of work and allows a user to optimize their activities across their entire screen real estate.

Desktops allow users to create individual desktops that display different sets of apps to help users stay organized and focused on their tasks.

Aside from the creative beauty of the new upgrade, Microsoft is proud to state that Windows 11 is the most inclusively designed version of Windows, built with and for people with disabilities. Windows 11 offers familiar assistive technologies like Narrator, Magnifier, Closed Captions, and Windows Speech Recognition to support people across the disability spectrum. 

Finally, Chat from Microsoft Teams is a new experience that allows users to communicate with contacts regardless of the device or platform they are on. It is accessible right from the home screen.

Another improvement to take note of is that Microsoft has improved the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth features so devices trying to connect are found much faster. And another plus is that it starts faster and applies updates quicker than previous Windows versions.

For users that use 3D Viewer, Paint 3D, Skype, or OneNote for Windows 10 the apps will no longer be installed on new devices or when clean-installing Windows 11. They will only be available for download from the Microsoft Store.

Should users upgrade to the Windows 11 version right away?

For businesses, we suggest waiting before you upgrade to Windows 11. In our opinion, it is usually best to wait for the first stable patch to be released. Before the release of the upgrade, Microsoft has been testing it with technical people and in lab settings. So the first release starts a real-life interaction with all sorts of technology such as USB, wireless, IoT, and everything else involved in the world. With this, there is usually a discovery that things break, and Microsoft will have to figure out how to fix them. They will then put out enough patches that the “stable patch rollup” is released. Which users outside of Microsoft (including us) can agree is strong and stable enough to introduce to their organization and customers. Therefore, we advise that until a product has proven itself stable in an office setting, it’s likely best to wait before upgrading.

Of course for home users that like to be on the cutting edge of things, by all means upgrade! Like we mentioned above, there are some neat features that users might find helpful when completeing their tasks. 

If I want Windows 11 on my device, how can I get it?

Check to see if your current PC meets the requirements to run Windows 11. Select the Start button, and then go to Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update.

For our customers, please reach out to your Account Manager to discuss the possibility of an upgrade further.

Photos from Microsoft

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