Aug 08 2016

Windows 10 for Business

 You must be thinking: Well, we’ve missed the free upgrade deadline. But, was it really free to begin with?

We know the answer to be “no”. Here’s why: The amount of time and money spent on figuring out how to make your network happy again far exceeds the fee that free covered. Free only really worked for your home system, but, in the business world, downtime and issues have heavy costs on your company.

You may have already upgraded some of your work devices to Windows 10 – by accident or otherwise. The switch most likely cost you a few days of software not working properly and you may have had to revert back the state of your computer prior to the upgrade, therefore losing everything you’ve worked on in between. This is the worst case scenario on a small scale. On a larger scale, multiply by number of employees within your business.

We want to take the necessary steps to ensure that it works when you decide to jump into the upgrade. We have created a Network Assessment Process for this that we require from all of our customers. This process involves our team looking into the foreground and the background of your business, testing your hardware and software, speaking to your software developers and, ultimately, presenting you with the cost of the switch and working with you on a plan.

Windows 10 will inevitably take over the market at one point. Just like Windows 7 eventually replaced Windows XP, Windows 10 will become the norm. Our strongest recommendation is to let it happen naturally: Integrating Windows 10 into your environment through Evergreening – changing hardware as it deteriorates naturally. Being prepared for Windows 10 ahead of adoption will help lower downtime, and Evergreening in Windows 10 will help reduce upgrade costs.

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