Who We Are

Who we are and
How we got here

Yardstick Technologies was founded to be the market leader in IT outsourcing to small and medium businesses in Western Canada. Technology can be either a competitive advantage or a difficult challenge for SMB’s depending on how they approach IT. Our purpose is to help your business make smart decisions that leverage technology to further your business strategy. We believe that technology choices can help your business “WIN” and that just having technology superiority is not a strategy by itself but part of a company’s greater vision.

Founded in 2008, our portfolio of fixed-fee services includes fully and hybrid managed IT solutions, cloud computing/infrastructure as a service, Backup and Disaster Recovery, IT strategy and Consulting and Professional Services.

Your Information Technology can and should be managed in a better way; many small businesses are being underserved and, as a result many continue to look to Yardstick Technologies to be their trusted partner.

Our Values

Our values are defining principles held in the highest esteem against which all current and future business endeavors are evaluated.

For Yardstick Technologies, pursuing excellence is not just about aptitude and willingness to learn, but also about effectiveness and consistency.

At Yardstick Technologies, we keep it simple by planning ahead, being organized and efficient by following Yardstick standard processes and procedures.

Listening to understand is one of Yardstick Technologies’ most sensitive values. Our expertise is nothing without patience, attentiveness and empathy in communication.

Yardstick Technologies shows that we care by displaying a great attitude, respect and dedication.

Yardstick Technologies considers celebrating success as vital to building a great team of members that are enthusiastic and appreciative.

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