Jun 10 2021

10 Signs Your Business is Ready for Managed IT Services [Infographic]

Trying to oversee IT alone is a stressful and complex attempt that uses up the time you’d prefer to give to your customers and staff. Below are 10 signs your business is ready for Managed IT Services. Do you recognize any of them?

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1. You want to control costs.

Are your current IT costs unpredictable? With a Managed IT Services program, you can expect your entire computing environment to be supported for a fixed monthly fee. This gives you the ability to control your IT Costs. A great Managed Services Provider (MSP) can help you create an appropriate budget for your IT that aligns with your business objectives. Managed Services also allows you to enjoy all of the advantages of the latest IT solutions without having to break the bank. 

2. Your company does not have in-house IT expertise.

Having a knowledgeable resource that you can trust and who can also explain tech-lingo in a way that you understand is important. When you partner with an MSP, you & your team have access to experts that can provide you with all of the expertise you need for your business’s technology.

3. Cybersecurity risks keep you up at night.

Are threats to your network keeping you from getting a good night’s rest? Even as threats increase and data breaches become more common, many businesses do not have the proper resources in place to protect against these threats. A comprehensive cybersecurity solution included with a Managed IT Services program can help you worry less when it comes to cyber threats. You can rest easy knowing that experts are taking all steps necessary to help you protect what’s important to the company- your data.

4. You don’t have up-to-date documentation.

Do you have one technician or person in your company with critical information stored exclusively in their mind? This can be risky for your business because what if that person leaves the business or you no longer have access to them? This is why IT documentation is important to have. A great MSP will document all critical information to improve consistency, reduce wasted time, and leave little room for errors to be made.

5. You experience too much downtime.

For many businesses, IT downtime means a decrease in productivity and often results in a loss of revenue. To minimize downtime in your organization, a business should prioritize prevention. A great MSP will help you address the problems causing you downtime and will help you take action to reduce the occurrences of any downtime. 

6. Your team is overwhelmed.

If you don’t have a dedicated IT resource, your employees probably pitch in and do what they can to help. When you have a team that is working to grow the business, juggling their regular tasks, and doing IT Support, it can be a recipe for disaster if they have too much on their plate. Introducing a trusted MSP to tackle your technical needs, can offload the responsibilities from employees so they can focus on the important tasks they were hired for. Taking it a step further, outsourcing an MSP with proactive support can offer your company solutions to reduce the occurrences of IT-related issues in the future and insight on how to align your technology with your business goals.  

7. You don’t have an updated Disaster Recovery Plan.

We would be lying if we said disasters don’t happen because they do. Fire, flood, and data breaches are just a few examples of what can occur, so having a plan before a disaster strikes can help you avoid any major consequences. A great MSP will seek to understand the critical technology at your business and document the steps needed to implement a redundant Disaster Recovery Plan and process. 

8. You want to advance your technology and cloud-based solutions.

A great MSP will seek to learn your business’s 1-5 year goals before making any recommendations. With this, advancements in technology will best align with your business’s vision. An MSP can help you implement the new technology and help you avoid any problems that arise when introducing new technology to your business. Overall, having an MSP you can trust to support these changes gives you expertise, and can save you time and money.

9. You handle sensitive data.

If your business stores and collects client data, it is important you have measures in place to protect this information. An MSP can provide you with the necessary steps to ensure the sensitive data you have is locked, sealed, and protected against any disaster or cybercriminal.

10. Your company is growing.

Scaling a business nowadays requires technology. A great MSP will provide your business with an IT Roadmap that gives you a clear understanding of your current technologies capabilities and includes recommendations that will help your business get to where it wants to go.  

If you identify with one or more of these signs, your business may be ready for Managed IT Services. Contact us for a free discovery call and learn more about our Managed IT Services Program.

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