Nov 16 2020

Resilience; Looking back on the last twelve months

Where did the last twelve months go?

November marks the beginning of our new year and to say we went through a change in the past twelve months is an understatement. From moving staff to work from home, adjusting to new government protocols, reduction in monthly revenue, and navigating all obstacles in our way sure kept the company on its toes. 

As the fiscal year ended, it was fitting to question our management team about their experiences throughout the past year…

When asked “How would you describe this year at Yardstick in three to five words?”, the team used the words unexpected, adaptive, difficult, challenging, and extraordinary.

Who knew change was not all smooth sailing, rainbows, and unicorns? To us, it looked more like stress, some uncertainty, and frustration combined with new perspectives, collaboration, and extra effort from everyone. And that’s just being completely honest.

The year required adaptation from the entire team, and it put tremendous pressure on the leaders of our company to make choices that continued to sail us in the right direction towards our goals. Regardless of how much planning went into taking on the year, the team had to navigate and overcome challenges they did not anticipate. Reevaluating initiatives, processes, and pinpointing what mattered most to the company while keeping all of our team members’ and client’s best interest in mind.

The thing that challenged our management team the most was negativity. Global change and a pandemic included a whirlwind of negativity to follow it. Avoiding negativity seemed nearly impossible but our office did its best to combat any cloudiness by including fun and engaging activities, motivation, and emphasizing the importance of being transparent about mental health.

When asked about what they are most proud of this year, the management team used the word resilience. The year offered lots of adversity but the leadership team did a great job of evaluating plans of action whether they were long-term or last-minute adjustments. This in turn led the entire company to persevere past roadblocks and continue to pursue excellence. 

While reflecting on the past, it was only fair to ask the management team about what their intentions are for the next twelve months. Among many things, the team intends to continue to promote growth and happiness internally and foster our relationships outside of the organization.

Whatever the next twelve months look like, bring it on. Yardstick is ready for you!

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