Aug 05 2021

5 Challenges Nonprofit Organizations Face and How Managed IT Services Can Help

Running a nonprofit is rewarding but it does bring on its own set of challenges. Addressing these challenges by being proactive and using technology effectively can support a nonprofit to further its mission. According to NetChange’s survey, only 11% of nonprofit organizations view their approach to technology as effective. In this post we will discuss five challenges nonprofit organizations face and share ways partnering with a Managed IT Service provider can help overcome them. 

1. Cash flow is not always certain

Relying on funding from individual donors, grants and corporate contributions can make it challenging for nonprofits to have the cash flow to make IT-related purchases. With that being said, technology is critical to an organization that wants to succeed and grow. This is where a fixed monthly service fee for a managed IT service program can be beneficial to a nonprofit organization. A fixed fee allows an organization to allocate a set amount in their budget for technology and avoid surprise IT costs. A Managed IT Service program also includes a dedicated Account Manager who can help create an IT budget if it is nonexistent and ensure that it aligns with the organization’s goals and available funds.

2. Standing out and staying competitive

A nonprofit organization does not necessarily operate to be better than other organizations working towards a mission but they do compete for their donor’s dedication, long-term investors, volunteers, and the communities attention. The organizations that bring in these resources are the ones that are most exciting and most dynamic. Therefore, organizations need to look at ways they can differentiate themselves from others. One way to do so is to introduce technology and continue to improve it over time. The nonprofits that choose not to invest in technology may see a performance gap between their outcomes and the organizations that have adopted technology effectively. A Managed IT Service provider can support a nonprofit’s uniqueness by ensuring it has access to the digital tools and resources it needs to stand out. 

3. Measuring success and effectiveness

Large investors don’t support organizations based on their missions and goals alone, instead, they expect concrete evidence of the organization’s impact. That is why nonprofit organizations need to have accessible data and ways to measure their success. Technology allows organizations to gather and share data on their effectiveness, and to communicate and collaborate with grantors and board members. A Managed IT Service provider can help a nonprofit organization adopt technology that can streamline their data capture process and make it simple to share with others. 

4. Growth 

Organizations are focused on their mission—feeding people, educating people, or helping the youth. They’re not spending time thinking about how to increase their margins or bringing in more business the way that a for-profit company would. This is where a strategic IT plan and IT budget can support the growth of a nonprofit. An IT plan can help identify the technology necessary to achieve the goals of the organization and include an approach to introduce the technology effectively. The budget keeps the fluctuation of cash flow in mind and can be adjusted as a change in the organization comes up. Partnering with a Managed IT Service provider also ensures the organization has access to all of the technical resources necessary to grow and make a positive impact in the community. 

5. Keeping information private and protected

Collecting donor, volunteer, or sponsor information is necessary for nonprofit organizations and an organization must comply with all privacy laws when collecting this data. It can be detrimental to an organization if a cybersecurity breach took place and the personal information of others was stolen. The security of a nonprofit’s data should be a top priority for the organization before a cybercriminal act. A Managed IT Service program can take the weight off of the shoulders of a nonprofit and ensure all private data is locked, sealed, and protected from cybercriminals.

Does your nonprofit organization need help overcoming one or more of the challenges listed above?

We can help! At Yardstick, we invest our time upfront to understand your organization and its concerns. From there we implement a solution that is in the best interest of you, the customer. Contact us for a free discovery call and learn more about our Managed IT Services Program for your nonprofit organization.

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