Mar 26 2021
New User Setup

What a Successful New Employee Setup Looks Like [Infographic]

It is important to prioritize your new employees and ensure they are off to a smooth start on their first day in their new role. It never looks good when a new recruit doesn’t have the proper hardware to get started or they can’t access the programs they need for their job duties. To make the transition as smooth as possible the infographic below contains six important steps for a successful new employee setup. 

New User Setup

Downloadable version HERE.

Further Details 

Your IT Partner should understand the technical requirements for your business, including what’s needed for the setup of new users. One way to ensure the process is smooth and efficient is to create a standards document or what we like to call a NENC (New Employee / New Computer). Each time your business hires a new employee or has an internal transition, you should always submit a standard form to your IT Partner to complete a user setup. Your IT Partner will then know exactly what the new user needs in terms of hardware and software requirements.  The new user form should include things like their start date, what folders do they need access to, and if they require remote server access. All of this information will ensure that your IT Partner knows what to procure and when to schedule the deployment of the hardware. For example, you might have an office user that will require a desktop and two monitors in your Edmonton office or a field user that is working remote and just need a laptop and needs to get shipped to Grande Prairie. 

At Yardstick, when our Technical Account Manager sits down with you and creates your new user form, they will ask smart questions to understand what technology your employees will require at your business and also make recommendations based on what they see in the technology industry. Developing a consistent technology standard will allow your IT Partner to quickly resolve issues and set up your new employee for success. 

Make a New Employee Setup Smooth with a New User Form

The six steps included in the infographic above ensures that your new employee has access to the technology they need to start their new job. All information is stored and included on the new user form. Kept in one easy spot that ensures consistency and simplifies the process for both your hiring team and your IT Partner. 

Interested in always having a successful new employee setup?   

At Yardstick, our guarantee is to make change easy for our customers. Contact Yardstick today to learn more about our program offerings or to book your free discovery call with one of our team members! 

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