Dec 02 2021

6 Questions to Discover if Outsourcing Your IT Is Right for Your Business

The number one reason that people resist change is because of a lack of awareness. As an organization, you may not be aware that your business needs help or it is ready to partner with a Managed Services Provider. So, to find out if outsourcing your IT to a Managed Services Provider is right for your business, ask yourself the following questions…

  1. Is my network secure?

    The security of your network should be a top priority. All you need is one disgruntled employee or stealthy cybercriminal to wreak havoc on your business. If you cannot answer this question with a confident “yes” means that you your business is at risk. Some signs that your network is not secure could be that you don’t have hardware that is designed to perform in a business capacity setting or you are using the same passwords to access all assets, or even worse no passwords at all which poses a huge security risk. Outsourcing your IT to a trustworthy Managed Services Provider can give you the confidence to say “yes – my network is secure.”.

  2. Do I seem to have the same reoccurring problems?

    If your organization experiences the same technical issues over and over again you likely have a band-aid solution in place and the real issue is not being addressed. These reoccurring problems waste of ton of time and energy which typically means more costs for the business and that is not ideal. A better approach is to fix the issue the first time and then create a proactive strategy to reduce future IT issues. – That’s exactly what we do at Yardstick for our customers.

  3. Do I have a proper backup solution?

    Protecting your data is important because everything physical in your business such as servers, workstations, and desks can be replaced but that is not the case with your data. Once data is lost, it cannot be replaced. Having a proper backup solution can help your organization protect your data from being lost forever and help you get back up and running in minimal time. A Managed Services Provider can help you get the right backup solution in place to protect you’re your business and it’s information.

  4. Do I have a disaster recovery plan?

    Having a disaster recovery plan (DRP) in place for your organization is necessary to have business continuity. What would happen if a disaster struck, and you did not know what to do to keep your business in business? A DRP can support business continuity as it focuses on recovering critical technology after a disaster to ensure your organization’s functions can resume within an acceptable amount of time. A Managed Services Provider can help you build a disaster recovery plan for you and your team, so you know exactly what needs to be done in the event something bad happened.

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  5. What happens if my IT person goes on holidays?

    Are you left to task a non-technical employee to cover all IT needs when your IT person goes on holidays or worse all technical issues are put on hold until they return? When IT issues are not addressed in a timely manner it can create more problems for your team and customers. Do you have a reliable resource that you can trust will take care of things if your IT person is ever away from the office and unable to complete their duties? When you outsource your IT, this isn’t a problem you ever have to worry about again.

  6. Do I know what my IT costs are going to be every month?

    Unpredictable IT costs and receiving bills from several different vendors each month for your IT makes it difficult to plan and budget properly. This leads to frustration and resentment towards your technology. When you partner with a dependable Managed Services Provider like Yardstick, you know exactly what your IT costs are every month, and you understand every line item in your bill. This takes the guess work out of budgeting and makes it overall easier for you and your accounting team.

There you have it, six important questions to ask to help you determine if outsourcing your IT is right for you and your business!

At Yardstick Technologies, we don’t come up with quick fixes and band-aid solutions for your IT problems. We invest our time upfront to understand your business and concerns. From there we implement a solution that is in the best interest of you. We believe that business problems require business solutions, not just IT services.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can provide you with quality Managed IT Services. 

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