Mar 11 2021

3 Things You Should Expect From Your Outsourced Help Desk Support

When you have an issue with your computer, you likely contact your outsourced Help Desk support team to resolve it for you. Your Help Desk team offers support to resolve your IT issues, but are they efficient? Can you be certain that when you call, they will answer the phone and resolve your IT issues quickly?

As well as being friendly and courteous, your Help Desk should be effective and efficient at solving your IT problems. This way outsourced Help Desk can help drive your business forward rather than slowing it down. In this post, we will provide three things that you should expect from your outsourced Help Desk and why they are key pieces of having good desktop support.

Before we jump into the three things, it is important to know why having access to an outsourced Help Desk is a benefit to your business…

The Help Desk is there to make sure you and your team are happy and productive. They are the front line for all IT support issues and help with IT problems such as installing software applications, resetting a password, or accessing a file on the network. Without efficient Help Desk support services, individuals at your business that rely on technology to do their job can lose productivity when completing their tasks when IT issues arise.  For example, if a team member accidentally deletes an important file and can’t get your Help Desk to provide assistance right away, they will lose time searching, calling, or even recreating the file. 

3 Things you should expect from your outsourced Help Desk 

1. Live Call Answer  

 When you call for support, you should expect your call to be answered the first time. There is nothing more frustrating than calling in for help and not being able to speak to someone about the issues you are experiencing. There will be incidents where all support representatives are busy or assisting other clients, but the Help Desk should aim to answer the phone every time you call.   

2. Same Day Close  

 Just like you, your Help Desk support should want to solve your IT issues the same day you submit them. If you have an issue that drags on into the following days, it could slow your work output and leave you feeling stressed and unhappy. With a Help Desk aiming to resolve and close issues as completely and efficiently as possible this means you can get back to your business. Of course, if the issue is complex it may not be resolved on the same day but your Help Desk support should be prioritizing issues and communicating with you on a regular basis so that you know when the issue will be fixed.   

3. Quick Resolution Time 

Similar to your issues being resolved on the same day, how quickly are your IT issues being resolved on that day? Efficiency should be incredibly important to your Help Desk team. Your Help Desk support should have an escalation process in place to ensure issues are being assigned to the right resource and no time is being wasted. Also, knowing your support team can assist you quickly means you are more likely to reach out for help when you need it.  

Outsourced Help Desk support is an important component of successful IT and allows for business continuity when you run into issues with your technology. Without efficient Help Desk support, your business production can slow down and lead to frustration in your company as well as for your clients. On top of having a friendly experience, you should expect live call answers and an efficient issue resolution process from your Help Desk.  

Interested in outsourcing your Help Desk support?  

If your company is not receiving this level of Help Desk support, there is a better experience out there for you! Contact Yardstick today to learn more about our program offerings or to book your free discovery call with one of our team members! 


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