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Resolve issues faster with a professional, personable, experienced support team.

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Reduce Frequent IT Disruptions With our Managed Helpdesk in Edmonton, AB

Stop letting recurring IT problems grind your productivity down to a halt with our remote helpdesk services.

Why choose Yardstick Technologies for IT helpdesk support services in Edmonton?

  • Get fast resolution of sudden IT problems with our remote 24/7 help desk services
  • Increase productivity across the board with a proactive team that gets to the bottom of IT issues
  • See a reduced frequency of IT slowdowns with consistent technical support and a streamlined ticket system
  • Fast-track complex repairs with on-site tech support for added customer service
  • Don’t let improvised fixes harm your security posture with expert advice and customized support

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Why Clients Trust Our IT Help Desk Outsourcing in Edmonton

Yardstick Technologies

IT Help Desk Services in Edmonton

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Why Yardstick Leads the Way For Helpdesk Support in Edmonton

1.5 Hours

Average resolution time for all IT issues


Average customer satisfaction rating


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A Closer Look at Our IT Help Desk Services in Edmonton

24/7/365 Remote Helpdesk Services

When it comes to sudden IT issues rearing their ugly head, they rarely wait to do it on your schedule.

To prevent these problems from affecting your business’s productivity, our IT helpdesk in Edmonton, AB is available to resolve your tech support issue quickly and efficiently.

Our helpdesk support services can help you with:

  • Support for hardware and software
  • Network-related issues
  • Anti-virus and cybersecurity concerns
  • Cloud data, backup and disaster recovery
  • And more

Don’t let sudden or complex IT issues slow you down. Choose a reliable managed helpdesk service in Edmonton known for its expertise and professionalism, choose Yardstick Technologies.

On-Site Support

For those truly dire IT situations when a remote help desk software solution simply won’t do, we can dispatch an on-site service delivery solution to you in the form of one of our expert technicians.

Our on-site technician can:

  • Facilitate hardware repairs
  • Help with upgrades
  • Replace PCs and other computing devices
  • Assist with office relocations

We’re all about making sure you’ve saved time with whatever IT problem or concern threatens to hamper your workflow. Just one of the many ways we seek to exceed the expectations of our outsourcing services.

Proactive Management

At Yardstick Technologies we deliver a great user experience to your employees and customers by providing top-shelf proactive management of your IT systems.

Recurring issues recur for a reason, and our proactive service management can drastically reduce (or even eliminate altogether) your most common issues by looking ahead for the problems that plague you.

Cloud Help Desk Support

Stop trying to manage configuration issues, security threats, and confusing vendor documentation on your own. Receive expert application support from a team that keeps public, private, and hybrid cloud systems performing at their peak.

Our robust cloud solutions ensure (as outlined in our service level agreements) that we’ll keep all of your sensitive and essential data safe, secure and always accessible to you and your team.

Ensure positive end-user experiences with a friendly, knowledgeable team that understands your business and your priorities.

Looking for an IT Helpdesk Solution You Can Trust?

Outsource your IT help desk to Yardstick and get your team back to work.

IT Helpdesk Services in Edmonton

Minimize the Frequency of IT Slowdowns to Maximize Workflow

Having your day-to-day progress stalled by frequent IT interruptions can heavily impact your businesses’ overall productivity.

With our IT helpdesk services in Edmonton looking after you, those major issues that once took up your day can instead be solved in less than 90 minutes, on average.

No wonder 150+ businesses trust us to keep their systems functioning smoothly.

Edmonton IT Helpdesk Services

Maximize Value With Our Flexible Managed Help Desk Services

Don’t let your business get burdened by bundled services. Get the most out of your IT spending with Yardstick.

Customize your helpdesk support to fit your needs and pay only for the services you need. Whether you require after-hours support, need to augment an existing team, or get specialized support, we are the team for you.

How Our IT Helpdesk Services in Edmonton Drive Success

Frequently Asked Questions About Our IT Help Desk Services

Yardstick’s IT help desk services are designed to be your dependable partner in resolving technology issues.

Our unique Total Network Care program ensures every aspect of your tech environment is covered.

With an average issue resolution time of 90 minutes and a target of 70% same day support ticket closing, our goal is to help keep your operations running smoothly.

Our help desk services focus on maximizing your productivity by minimizing disruptions.

You can count on our proactive support to identify potential issues before they become problems.

With the help of our talented team, you’ll enjoy rapid resolutions to your IT issues so you can focus on your core business objectives.

When you partner with us, you can expect exceptional helpdesk support services.

We aim to answer your calls every time you reach out, and our team targets a 70% same-day support ticket closing rate.

We are focused on providing fast, efficient solutions, with an average resolution time of just 1.5 hours.

Choosing Yardstick for your IT help desk services means selecting a company committed to your success.

We provide more value at a lower cost, focusing on developing quality relationships with our customers.

Our team of professionals is well-versed in the latest technology trends and offers a comprehensive range of services to meet all your IT needs.

Quality is at the heart of our help desk services. We operate under strict Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and provide fixed month-to-month billing for transparency and predictability.

Our clients rate us highly, with an average Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) of 96.9%. Partner with us today to keep your IT operations running seamlessly.

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