Jun 16 2020

Why It Is A Must To Have An Edmonton IT Company That Focuses On Your Cyber Security

With the recent changes of how many employees are working remotely, cyber security has become more important than ever. Companies are concerned that they might be more vulnerable because they have staff working from home or from other remote locations 

If your company is working from an officeremotely or both, it is always important tkeep your data safe & secure. The cost of a data breach could have negative effects on your company’s bottom line and your reputation. Does your IT Partner have what it takes to keep your data safe & secure as new advanced security threats continue to rise?  

At Yardstick Technologies, we put our Clients cyber security as a top priorityConsider asking these questions to determine if your IT Partner is taking the right approach with your cyber security.  

  • Is my IT Partner monitoring my network daily for new cyber security threatsHow are they staying ahead of the bad guys? 
  • How imy IT Partner making sure that my data is being safely backed up? Are my backups being tested & monitored? Do I have a secure offsite backup?  
  • Am I confident that all my computers and servers have the most current and up to date copy of anti-virus softwareIf not, how is my IT Partner fixing it? 
  • Do all of my servers & computers receive all of the regular updates that will help protect me from new security threats?  
  • Do I have an account manager who is looking out for me, talking with me about my risks, and educating me on how to avoid them? 

Yardstick has the answers to these questions. We have a professional and knowledgeable team that assesses your technology, talks with you about threats and how they impact your business, and creates a customized IT strategy around your goals to mitigate your risks and keep you safe. 

To avoid being a victim of a security breach, ensure your IT defenses are the best and rest easing knowing you are protected by an Edmonton IT company that puts your cyber security as a top priority. Contact Yardstick Technologies at 780-701-1838 or email our team  to learn more about how we can secure your network and assist you with your IT cyber security needs 

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