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Ensure all your business data is protected with our leading cybersecurity in Edmonton.

Why choose Yardstick as your Edmonton cyber security company?

  • Prevent cyber attacks from damaging your company with our next-generation managed cybersecurity services
  • Only pay for the protection you you need with our highly customizable Total Network Care (TNC) program
  • Enhance productivity and minimize downtime with proactive network monitoring and technical support 
  • Gain simplified, predictable IT monthly spending with fixed billing bound by Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
  • Get your data protected quickly with a streamlined onboarding process overseen by cybersecurity professionals

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Why Clients in Edmonton Choose us as their Cyber Security Company

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Yardstick’s Cyber Security Services

Gain Effective Information Security Solutions

Compared to other Edmonton cybersecurity companies, we take a comprehensive approach to providing cybersecurity services that include a proactive approach designed to prevent issues before they arise.

Our full suite of hardware, software, and network security services include the following:

  • Security Monitoring, Alerting and Response
  • Next-Generation Security Appliances
  • Two-Factor Authentication (2fa)
  • Unified Threat Management System
  • Security Operations Center (Soc) Services
  • Threat Management
  • And More

Ensure your data is fully protected and your networks are safeguarded with Yardstick, one of the top Edmonton IT security companies.

Identify Vulnerabilities in Your Information System

With our cybersecurity consulting and assessment services, you’ll receive the benefit of our experienced industry professionals (from security analysts to a virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO)). 

They can provide in-depth assessments of your security posture and strengthen your network defenses as a result..

With our expert cyber security companies in Edmonton, our cybersecurity assessments include:

  • Initial Security & Penetration Testing
  • Phishing & Email Scam Tests
  • Vulnerability Scans
  • Firewall Effectiveness & Patch Configuration
  • Antivirus & Anti Malware Tests 
  • Cybersecurity Gap Remediation
  • Security Awareness Training
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • And More

Our team of qualified experts can help ensure your cybersecurity is operating at maximum effectiveness with comprehensive assessments, allowing us to identify which areas of your business’ cybersecurity require improvement.

Cloud Security

An effective cloud security strategy includes more than just application and server protection.

We use our cloud capabilities to employ custom disaster recovery plans, using strategies that work uniquely for your business, industry and regulatory requirements.

Our cloud security solutions include:

  • Cloud Application Security Management
  • Data Access Optimization
  • Business Continuity Strategies
  • Disaster Recovery Planning
  • Physical Cloud Server Security
  • Cloud Network Security Monitoring
  • Regular Data Backups to Secure Offsite Storage

With so much business data and processes now existing in the cloud, cloud security is more important than ever.

Ensure your mission-critical data is alway accessible and protected with our in-depth cloud security solutions.

Always-On Network Monitoring

Part of what makes us one of the top cybersecurity companies in Edmonton is our round-the-clock monitoring and maintenance of our clients’ networks

Network intrusions and cyber attacks can happen at any time, including weekend, holidays and in the middle of the night. 

Our 24/7/365 network monitoring services guarantee damage from a data breach is kept to an absolute minimum with the following real-time capabilities:

  • Security Information & Event Management System (SIEM)
  • Round-The-Clock Backup Monitoring
  • Advanced Security Analytics & Reporting
  • Threat Hunting & Detection Sweeps
  • Data Breach Alerting
  • And More

A cyber risk can pose a threat at any time; make sure your defenses are always ready with one of the top cyber security companies in Edmonton.

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Prevent Your Data from Being Lost or Stolen with One of the Leading Edmonton Cybersecurity Companies

Get reliable risk management for your digital assets, from one of the top cybersecurity companies in Edmonton

Cyber Security Services Edmonton

Rest Assured Knowing Your Company Data is Protected

At Yardstick Technologies, our cyber security in Edmonton experts run our SOC (security operations center) and constantly monitor traffic going in and out of networks, looking for anything that might be a threat. 

When they find something, they work quickly to remediate the issue and prevent any further damage. They also proactively scour network data for signs of intrusion, so that we can address problems before they become full-blown attacks. 

By having a cyber security firm with our level of knowledge and skill on your side, you can significantly lower your risk of being victimized by a cyber attack. 

And because we’re based in Edmonton, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that you’re working with a local company that understands the unique challenges and threats that businesses in this region face.

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