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Our Company

Yardstick Technologies was founded to be the market leader in IT outsourcing to small and medium businesses in Western Canada. Technology can be either a competitive advantage or a difficult challenge for SMB’s depending on how they approach IT. Our purpose is to help our partners make smart decisions that leverage technology to further their business strategy.

Our Culture

As an IT company, we understand stress and urgency at a different level than most businesses. To counterbalance this necessary stress, we invest a lot in our social time. Our goal is to maintain the momentum, to maintain an enthusiastic atmosphere, to understand each other better and to better serve our customers.

Is this you?

Our values are the map to our culture.

Excellence is by no means the pursuit of perfection.

Making it simple streamlines and creates clarity for everyone.

We have two ears and one tongue to listen and understand.

By showing that you care, you encourage people to treat you as you would like to be treated.

Great teams are built on the time and effort you spend on celebrating your successes.

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