May 18 2022

How to Get Your Cybersecurity up to Par

Despite the ever-evolving technology innovation, high-profile security breaches are still making headlines! 

As organizations continue to transform digitally, adopt new cloud strategies, and deploy the latest technologies, they widen the door to potential threats and vulnerabilities. And that’s why today’s growing organizations need to learn to manage their cybersecurity risk better.

How do most organizations protect against attacks today?

By adding another security tool to their environment, crossing their fingers, and hoping they never get attacked…

But as you can imagine, this is not the answer to managing cybersecurity risk effectively. 

If you’re still in denial about the chances of your small business becoming a victim, 61% of all SMBs have reported at least one cyberattack during the previous year.

Unfortunately, for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), it is no longer a matter of considering if a security threat will arise, it’s now a matter of when. 

Your cybersecurity needs to be proactive, not reactive

Cybersecurity requires a more in-depth and proactive solution than adding another security tool to your environment. But it’s hard for organizations without security experts on staff to implement key initiatives such as 24×7 monitoring and employing a SIEM (security information and event management). 

For this reason, we have partnered with the market leader in security operations, Arctic Wolf®, to give our customers of all sizes, world-class security operations that guard against cyberattacks before they occur.

Having access to SOC-as-a-Service solves the problem of how to protect our customers from cyberattacks efficiently and effectively. With the help of Arctic Wolf, we can implement the essential cybersecurity capabilities our customers need for today’s evolving threat environment. The Arctic Wolf SOC-as-a-service augments the capabilities of our Managed IT Services and helps meet our customer’s stringent and absolutely necessary requirements. Most importantly, we can discover cyberattacks BEFORE they occur with the vulnerability assessment and management of the Arctic Wolf’s Concierge Security® Team. 

With this addition to our Managed Services program, our customers can expect better protection, a stronger security posture against threats, and strategic guidance on their cybersecurity. 

While there are many approaches to security in these circumstances, we wholeheartedly believe this is the best one!   

Ready to strengthen & simplify your cyber security posture?

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