Oct 07 2022
Benefits of Remote IT Support

The 6 Biggest Benefits of Remote IT Support for Businesses

In today’s fast-paced world, businesses need to be agile in order to stay competitive.

But what happens when recurring IT breakdowns kneecap your organization’s ability to stay productive? The answer, of course, is your business suffers and fails to grow at a competitive pace.

Remote IT support is a rapidly growing sector in the global market, and the reason is that more and more businesses are relying on their services to solve and troubleshoot emergency IT issues (both big and small).

With average ticket volume up 16% since the pandemic, it only stands to reason that there must be several remote IT support benefits of which businesses are taking advantage.

In this blog, we’re going to explore the top 6 benefits of remote IT support and how they improve the overall function of small businesses.

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The Top 6 Benefits of Remote IT Support

Here are the 6 best remote IT support benefits for SMBs:

1. Remote IT Tech Support, On-Demand

Undoubtedly, the prime benefit of enlisting the services of remote technical support is having your IT issues quickly resolved.

Especially useful if your business has a work-from-home model, the rapid response times of support technicians who can remotely access your team members’ computers provide incredible value.

2. Lower Costs

The vast majority of daily technical issues can indeed be solved remotely, which also cuts down on additional costs associated with deploying an on-site technician or employing your own, singular IT professional in-house.

This lends your business flexible IT support solutions without the extravagant cost associated with less convenient alternatives.

3. Stay Focused on Your Business Goals

It can be hard to grow your business when you’re spending your time putting out IT fires left and right.

One of the many benefits of getting remote IT support is that those frequent IT headaches are decidedly taken off of your plate.

Instead of trying to restore the internet connection 12 times a day, business owners like you everywhere can instead benefit from an expert support team quickly solving IT issues 24/7.

4. Enhanced Team Productivity

It’s a simple fact, when the IT goes down, your team members are distracted from doing their assigned roles. 

Even in remote work situations, if there’s a problem with your company’s VPN, ERP software or other operationally-essential IT asset, everything slows to a crawl and valuable time is lost.

However, with remote technical support on your side (perhaps supplied by a reputable managed IT services provider), these issues will instead be swiftly resolved by remote technical assistance, generating increased productivity across the organization.

5. Access to High-Level IT Experts

If there’s ever a major problem that your average support technician can’t handle, most remote IT support services can call upon the expertise of their in-house Tier-3 experts.

For instance, if the cloud services your business relies upon suddenly become unavailable and appear to have disappeared entirely, the resident IT expert associated with your remote support service can leap into the fray and assist.

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6. Proactive, Regular IT Maintenance

Things break down, there’s no way around it. And IT is no exception. 

But, another benefit of remote IT support is that the service often includes a measure of proactive maintenance where they learn about your business’s specific IT needs and improve things over time. This seriously reduces recurring IT issues and overall improves the operability of your organization.

Benefits of Remote IT Support for Businesses

Getting the Most Benefits of Remote IT Support from a Reliable Managed IT Services Provider

Here at Yardstick Technologies we are very well-versed in the types of IT issues SMBs experience.

We have decades of experience quickly resolving IT issues (both simple and complex) for our clients, providing them with multiple benefits, and we can do the same for you.

If you’d like to take advantage of all the benefits of remote IT support, please feel free to schedule a free consultation with us, and we can work together to determine your specific business IT needs.

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