Jun 02 2021

5 Advantages of Managed IT Services

Nowadays it’s common to find technology present in every department of a business. Technology can be used to serve customers, used for internal teams to collaborate, and used by CEOs to collect and store data needed for budgeting and planning. Because technology is so important to many businesses, it is critical that it is managed effectively and efficiently. In this post, we will be covering five advantages of Managed IT Services and why a business should consider partnering with an IT service provider.

What is Managed IT Services?

In short, Managed IT Services is the practice of outsourcing the responsibility of your information technology to an expert IT service provider. A business pays an IT service provider a fixed monthly fee to look after their entire computing environment. The support included may vary per IT service provider but at Yardstick, our customers receive proactive monitoring and maintenance of their network, unlimited phone support, remote support, and onsite support. When an organization has limited internal resources or requires assistance with their technology, Managed Services ensures their technology is being managed effectively. 

5 Advantages of Managed IT Services


1. Reduced and Predictable IT Support Costs

Small and medium-sized businesses cannot afford the wide array of expertise needed today to manage all the technology they use and to ensure that everything is current and secure. Managed IT Services can help small and medium businesses perform like the larger companies, giving them full access to similar technology and resources that large companies have always enjoyed. On top of that, fixed monthly fees make budgeting easier.

2. Worry-Free IT

A managed IT services provider can help you navigate the complex world of technology, planning, and upgrading. This allows you to concentrate on what you do best – running your business. 

3. On-Demand Resources 

With Managed IT Services, a business obtains on-demand resources. This is a great option for businesses whose activities fluctuate with seasonal demands, such as those in the construction industry. You can access IT resources when needed rather than employ staff who are not needed full time.

4. Knowledge at a Fraction of the Cost

Imagine having access to a team of fully trained IT professionals working for your business, for less than the cost of hiring a single person internally? Having a complete IT department with a CTO, Network Manager, Help Desk, and Purchasing Manager are out of reach for many organizations, but a business can access this with a Managed IT Services program.

5. Reduce Downtime and Distractions for Internal Staff

Downtime is costly, not only in terms of lost productivity but in terms of lost sales opportunities, lost customers, and damaged reputation costs. Partnering with an IT service provider gives you access to help when needed so that you can minimize the impact of downtime in your company.

Managed IT Services allows your business to stay focused on your core business objectives and to not get distracted by complex IT issues or decisions. Outsourcing the responsibility of your IT can reduce your business’s risk and allow you to control costs associated with your technology.

Ready to reduce risk and control costs in your business?

At Yardstick, we invest our time upfront to understand your business and concerns. From there we implement a solution that is in the best interest of you, the customer. Contact us for a free discovery call and learn more about our Managed IT Services Program.

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