Disaster Recovery

Backing up data is one thing but being able to recover quickly in the event of a disaster is something entirely different.  If your server dies today, do you know how long it will take you to recover to the point of business as usual? You should.

Yardstick’s disaster recovery solution is a business plan to survive a local disaster.  Today’s small and medium-sized businesses depend heavily on technology resources, but access to the best technology solutions can be challenging. Are you backing up to tape or hard drive?  Are you sending your data to offsite backup in the cloud? These solutions work for recovery of files and folders and even recovery of e-mail data, but they fail to provide disaster recovery and business continuity in the event of total server failure or inability to get into your physical facility.

Yardstick’s Total Recall for Servers provides you:

Full Onsite Backup
We provide you with the equipment in your server room that keeps a current copy of your data ready to deploy should your server die.

Quick Recovery Time
If your server dies, we will have your business operating as usual within minutes

Offsite Data Option
Our solution gives you the option of not only having a full copy of your data onsite, but also a copy offsite as well

As your company data and servers grow, out solution grows with you

Fixed Costs
Yardstick will care for the equipment, provide you with hardware warranty, ensure backups are completed successfully and provide our team for your convenience should you have questions or require a file to be restored.