Yardstick Hosted Desktops

With Yardstick’s Hosted Desktop program, you no longer have to worry about upgrading your PCs – we upgrade your desktop and applications at no cost to you. You are able to increase the productivity of your team members by allowing them the flexibility of working where and when they are able – your desktops are now safely in “the cloud” so you and your team can access them from any internet location in the world. And, because your data is secured in our offsite centre, should your business suffer from a disaster, your desktops and the information on them remain safe and sound.

Yardstick’s Hosted Desktops are:

Worry Free
Be confident your information is safe in our data centre

All support and maintenance is looked after by Yardstick

Access your desktop through the internet anytime, from anywhere

Increase Productivity
Staff can work and update files from home or while they are on the move.

Reduce Expenses
Eliminate costs associated with the continual upgrading of hardware and software