Looking Out for You

We recently went on a mission; we wanted to know why our clients liked working with Yardstick. Why did they trust us to support their people, their technology, their businesses?

After speaking with our customers, our marketing partner came back to Yardstick and said the answer was clear – these companies trusted Yardstick to provide their teams with the day to day service and support they required to stay productive but more than that – these company owners and managers trusted that Yardstick was leading them forward with sound, smart, strategic technology direction that was consistent with their business visions and goals. Our customers had confidence that we were not just taking care of them today, but looking out for their interests in the future as well.

And so ‘Looking Out for You’ was born; we look out for our clients by being available for support day in and day out. And we look out for them by providing them with strategic technology direction.


In 2008 Kelly Woodworth and James Chapchuk believed there was an opportunity to improve the experience that businesses were having with regard to technology solutions and IT services. Rather than accept the industry’s status quo of delivering poor service and creating dissatisfied customers we opted to establish a company that would do business differently. With the vision to design Edmonton’s leading IT firm, Yardstick Technologies was born.

Today, headquartered in Edmonton, Alberta, Yardstick is a thriving, growing business made up of over 30 committed team members. Better yet, the many businesses across Western Canada and the U.S. that we support are thriving too. We are proud to be a contributor to our partners’ success. By providing a secure, stable and strategic approach to technology and technology support in combination with access to smart products and services, Yardstick continues to grow as more and more organizations trust Yardstick to look out for them.